Counting Our Blessings

Sunday may not be my favorite day of the week but it really is quite lovely this afternoon.  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Here in SisyLaLa land it was kind of quiet.  There were no grandchildren’s sporting events.  Anyone who knows me knows I live and breathe for those kids.   Watching them laugh and grow puts me in a state of  bliss and totally relaxes me.  It relaxes me because I know what makes us rich in life is family and I consider myself a very wealthy woman.  The other thing that relaxes me is making jewelry and I have just a few new pieces for you to check out.  I hope you like them and encourage you to not only count your blessing this week but also go check out the SisyLaLa shop on etsy.

Blissfully YoursBig Bold and Beautiful 20.00




2 thoughts on “Counting Our Blessings

  1. all the picture look good but you might want to use a little less light as the ones with little blue stone have a lot of light on them

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