Wed, one day closer to FRIDAY!!!!!

All is well in the land of SisyLaLa.  The sun is out shining after a rainy morn and it’s Wed’s (which is way better than it being Mon or Tues and is much closer to FRIDAY)  Imagine how excited I will be tomorrow on Thurs.  Actually I am of the opinion Fri should be declared a national holiday.  It is my very favorite day of the week and I relish every single moment of it.  Weekends are where it’s at man!

Now that I have unloaded all  my Wed euphoria I will continue with the sharing and hope you like my little freshwater pearl and abalone bracelet and earring set.  These are very simple and demure compared to most of my creations.  Understatment can sometimes be a good thing, though not usually in my nature. 

I hope all is well with the world and encourage you to drop me a line.  Sharing is a two way street.



One thought on “Wed, one day closer to FRIDAY!!!!!

  1. if your spelling was bad I couldn’t see it but I can read words backwards, up and down messed up. It is a good blog I think everyone is always ready for Friday

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